Czech Airlines Website Review & Ratings + Czech Airlines Coupons
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Czech Airlines Website Review & Ratings + Czech Airlines Coupons

Czech Airlines : Products & Services

Czech Airlines is the national airline of Czech Republic and operates as a part of the Sky Alliance. The website of Czech Airlines helps customers to book tickets for journeys online. The website has a very good layout and helps customers look up fares that suit their budget the most. The website also lets customers check into flights on the website, creating more convenience for them. The website provides an easy and effective way to book air tickets and other services offered by the airlines.

Czech Airlines : Company Background

The airline was formed in 1923 and operated domestic flights until in 1930 it started international operations. The airline operates a frequent flyer program called OK plus. The airline adopted its current name after the break up of the country in 1995. The airline has its headquarters in Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. The airline operates 69 destinations in 41 countries with a fleet of 40 planes and 8 on order. The airline serves customers flying to international destinations.

Czech Airlines : Customer Feedback & Reviews

The airline enjoys a very decent feedback from its customers and shows that the airline strives to make its customers happy and satisfied. D Vaculik writes “I was very satisfied again. PRG-MAD plane A321 - fully occupied but silent, clean, crew polite and helpful. For food just a tiny pack of crackers but good offer of beverages. MAD-PRG, new A320, great plane. Crew wasn't very polite.”. Another V Rami writes “Flying from Paris to Odessa via Prague, everything went particularly well. Flights were on time, the crew was helpful and polite and I got my luggage without any problems. Furthermore the price was very cheap despite I booked my tickets less than a month before departure.”.

The airline has tried its level best to ensure customer satisfaction and seems to excel in it.

Czech Airlines : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The airline is based in the Czech republic but does have a presence in the US and has a file on the Better Business Bureau. The page does not show any rating (usually between A+ to F) as the airline’s office did not respond to its request to complete documentation. The airline does not have any other credibility benchmark to rely on but looking at its history, it is safe to say that the airline is quite credible.

Czech Airlines : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 67,938 and a Czech rank of 1,006. Google Page Rank gives the website a 6 out of a possible 10. Compete gives the website a unique monthly visitor average of 1,142. The website does not list all of the other statistics so the report is incomplete. The website enjoys a decent amount of popularity and judging by the data provided.

Czech Airlines : Social Media Presence

The FaceBook page has 4,794 likes and is used to promote the company’s brand image. The airline uses the twitter account @CzechAirlinesCZ and has 603 followers and has 54 tweets to its credit. The airline uses the platform to communicate with its customers and fans on a one to one basis. The company uses its LinkedIn page has 1,898 followers. The airline’s Google+ page has 288 followers. The website enjoys a lot of social media attention and is very famous among its competitors.

Czech Airlines : Website Security & Safety

Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis lists the website as being safe and free from suspicion. The website offers a great deal of security by using the HTTPS and SSL security protocols. The website has pages that load very quickly, something that enhance browsing experience. The website was tested and none of its pages had any viruses or malware. The diagnosis also did not find any self installing software that could be harmful for the users. The website can be deemed as safe by looking at the data provided by the diagnosis.

Czech Airlines : Pricing & Packages

The airline provides excellent services to its customers who use the airline. The rates of the airline’s tickets vary due to several factors such as date of flight, destination and seating category. A round trip from Prague, Czech Republic to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates using economy costs CZK 10,965 or roughly $560. The airline offers amazing rates which are unbeatable in this sector. 

Czech Airlines : Shipping Rates & Policies

The website offers e-tickets that require no shipping. The airline does not mention any shipping rates or policies.

Czech Airlines : Payment Methods Accepted

The website allows customers to pay for their tickets using credit cards online. The website accepts Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express. The website employs a high level of security on its payment portal. It employs HTTPS and SSL security protocols and lets its passengers have a smooth payment making experience.

Czech Airlines : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The airline offers its highly valued customers refunds. The website states that if it is due to the airline, the airline will make arrangements to the customer’s liking. The airline in the case of a customer initiated refund shall process refunds in line with the company’s policies. The airline does not specify its policy clearly, but judging by the airline’s global presence one can be sure of getting a refund.

Czech Airlines : Product images & screenshots
Czech Airlines Coupons
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